d से शुरु होने वाले भारतीय बच्चों के हिन्दी नाम

अगर आप के घर में या कोई रिश्तेदारी में कोई लड़का हुआ हे तो शायद आप को उसके नाम की चिन्ता अवश्य है और आप सोच रहे हे की क्या नाम निकाले इस बच्चे का तो अब आप की चिन्ता समाप्त  हुवी क्योकि हमने आप की संतान के लिए अनेक नाम यहाँ दिए है । हमे आशा हे की आप को ये नाम जरूर पसंद आयेंगे

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  1. Sanskrit girl names
    ♣ Pavitra/Pawitra पवित्रा- purifying, averting evil, pure, holy, sacred, sinless, beneficent, Holy basil, (Ocymum sanctum.)
    * Pavita/Pawita पविता -purified, cleansing
    @ Pavitrakirti पवित्रकीर्ति of spotless renown
    ♧ Pavitravati/Pawitrawati -पवित्रवती having a purifying instrument (as a
    strainer or दर्भ grass), cleansing, purifying
    @ Romancha रोमाञ्चा/रोमांचा -thrill of the hair ,to feel a thrill of joy, adventure
    ■ Romanchita रोमाञ्चिता/रोमांचिता-
    having the hair of the body erect or thrilling with joy
    * Rosansa रोसंसा -wish ,desire
    ☆ Rohani रोहणी-a medicine for healing or cicatrizing, the act of mounting or ascending or riding
    the growing over ,healing (of a wound)
    * Rohita रोहिता- red
    ☆ Rohiti रोहिती- red

  2. Meaning of Sanskrit boy names
    @ Mauliratn मौलिरत्न- a crest
    gem, jewel worn in a diadem.
    Here मौलि means crest + रत्न
    means jewel
    ▶ Maul मौल -derived from roots
    (as poison), handed down from
    antiquity, ancient (as a custom),
    holding office from previous
    generations, hereditary (as a
    warrior or minister), aboriginal,
    an hereditary minister (holding
    his office from father and
    aboriginal inhabitants who have
    * Maulik मौलिक -producing roots,
    fundamental, derived from a
    root, original, of low origin, a
    digger or vendor of roots
    ◀ Maulin मौलिन् -having anything
    uppermost or turned upwards,
    being at the head, chief, having a
    diadem or crown, diademed,
    crested (also applied to lord
    ◆ Mauliprishth मौलिपृष्ठ -the
    crown of the head.
    ☆ Maulibandh मौलिबन्ध -a diadem
    for the head. Here मौलि means
    head + बन्ध means diadem
    @ Maulimandan मौलिमण्डन -head
    ornament. Here मौलि means head
    + मण्डन means ornament
    ♥ Maulindu मौलीन्दु - the moon
    on ( Shiva's/ शिव 's) head. Here
    मौलि means head + इन्दु means
    ♣ Maulya मौल्य -being at the
    root, मूल्य ,price
    @ Maulyabharan मौल्याभरण -a
    head ornament. Here मौल्य
    means head + आभरण means
    * Manohar मनोहर -'heart-stealing’,
    fascinating, attractive, charming,
    beautiful, the third day of the
    civil month ( कर्म-मास ). Here मनः
    means heart + हर means stealing
    ☆ Manohlad मनोह्लाद - joy of the
    heart. Here मनः means heart +
    ह्लाद means joy
    @ Manohladin मनोह्लादिन् -
    gladdening the heart. Here मनः
    means heart + ह्लादिन् means
    ◀ Manovir/Manoveer मनोवीर-
    "brave-hearted", courageous
    man. Here मनः means heart + वीर
    means brave
    ♥ Mridu मृदु -soft, delicate, pliant,
    gentle, weak, slight, moderate,
    slow (gait), (in astron.) situated
    in the upper apsis, the planet
    softness, mildness, gentleness
    * Mriduk मृदुक -soft, tender
    @ Mridukam मृदुकम् -softly, gently,
    ☆ Mridukop मृदुकोप -mild in
    wrath, of a gentle nature. Here
    मृदु means mild + कोप means in
    ▲ Mridugamin मृदुगामिन् -going
    softly, having a soft or gentle
    gait. Here मृदु means gentle, slow
    + गामिन् means going
    ♧ Mridugir मृदुगिर् -soft-voiced.
    मृदु means soft + गिर् means voice
    * Mriducharmin मृदुचर्मिन् -Betula
    Bhojpatra. Here मृद means soft +
    चर्मिन् means bark (skin)
    ♣ Mriduchhad मृदुच्छद -Betula
    Bhojpatra, a species of पिलु tree,
    Blumea Lacera, a tree similar to
    the vine-palm, Amphidonax
    a species of grass = शिल्पिका .Here
    मृदु means soft + च्छद means bark
    ★ Mridul मृदुल -soft, gentle ,mild,
    moderate. Here मृदु means
    softness + ल from word लाति(ला)
    means having, taking
    @ Mridun मृदुन- moderate, gentle,
    # Mriduvach/Mriduwach मृदुवाच्-
    soft or sweet voiced. Here मृदु
    means soft + वाच् means voice
    ♧ Mulik/Moolik मूलिक -original,
    primary, principal, living on
    an ascetic, a seller of roots
    * Maulikya मौलिक्य- family priest
    (house chaplain), primary

  3. Meaning of Sanskrit boy names
    @ Paru परु -a limb, member ,a mountain, the ocean, the sky, paradise
    @ Parut परुत् -Last year
    ◀ Puloman पुलोमन् -thrilled, delighted, having having hairs erected or bristeled hairs in thrill. [ It is joining of words पुल: /पुलो + मन्]. Here पुलः means hairs bristeled due to thrill मन् means one having. [It eas the name of father-in-law of lord Indra
    ★ Pulom पुलोम -having hairs bristeled in thrill, thrilled. It is derived from word पुलोमन्. (It was the name of father-in-law of lord Indra)
    ◀ Parth/Paarth पार्थ- prince, king, metron. for Arjuna (a name of Arjuna as son of Pritha [Kunti's another name]), Terminalia Arjuna tree
    @ Parthav पार्थव -belonging or peculiar to पृथु (Prithu), Patr. fr. पृथु ,width, great extent
    ★ Parthiv पार्थिव -earthen, earthy, earthly, being in or relating to or coming from the earth, terrestrial, fit for kings or princes, royal, princely,
    an inhabitant of the earth, a lord of the earth, king, prince, warrior, an earthen vessel, the 19th (or 53rd) year in Jupiter's cycle of 60 years
    an earthy substance, Tabernaemontana Coronaria

    Meaning of Sanskrit girl names
    ▶ Puloma पुलोमा -thrilled (having hairs bristeled in thrill), delighted, name of wife of sage Bhrigu, Acorus Calamus plant = वचा
    ★ Pulomi पुलोमी- thrilled (having hairs bristeled in thrill), name of wife of lord Indra
    ▶ Paulomi पौलोमी- daughter of Puloman (Name of wife of lord Indra)
    ♣ Pulomahi पुलोमही- opium


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